Japanese Military Occupation (1937-1945)


5 Yen, (1940)

5 yen (1940) front
5 yen (1940) back

Enlarge: Front5 yen (1940) front
 & Back5 yen (1940) back


100 Yen, (1945)

100 yen (1945) front
100 yen (1945) back

Enlarge: Front100 yen (1945) front
 & Back100 yen (1945) back

Front: Yumedono Pavilion in Nara, Japan; Shotoku Taishi (574-622), a prince of the Imperial Court in Japan

Shotoku Taishi, born Umayado, was an influential regent of Japan and author of some of the greatest contributions to Japanese historiography, constitutional government, and ethics.

Back: Buddhist Temple in Ikaruga, Japan


Yumedono Pavilion

Yumedono Pavilion

Enlarge: PavilionYumedono Pavilion


Buddhist Temple

Buddhist Temple

Enlarge: TempleBuddhist Temple


Russian Military Occupation (1945)


10 Yuan, (1945)

10 yuan (1945) front
10 yuan (1945) back

Enlarge: Front10 yuan (1945) front
 & Back10 yuan (1945) back

Empire (before 1911)
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China, located in eastern Asia, has one of the world's longest uninterrupted civilizations, dating back more than six millennia. For centuries, China was the world's most advanced civilization, and the cultural center of East Asia, with an impact lasting to the present day.

China is the source of many great inventions including Paper, the compass, gunpowder, and printing. China was also the first country to use paper money.

In 1911, the Nationalist Party under Dr. Sun Yat-sen overthrew the Ch'ing Dynasty and established the republic. However, the Chinese Civil War following WWII resulted in two Chinese states in 1949: People's Republic of China on the mainland, and the Republic of China in Taiwan.

For a more detailed country profile, see CIA World Factbook on China.




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