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5 Dollars, (2013) Polymer

5 dollars (2013) front
5 dollars (2013) back

Enlarge: Front5 dollars (2013) front
 & Back5 dollars (2013) back

Front: Kulawai, Red-throated Lorikeet

Back: Crested Iguana

Courtesy noteshobby




Enlarge: KulawaiKulawai


Crested Iguana

Crested Iguana

Enlarge: Crested IguanaCrested Iguana


10 Dollars, (2013)

10 dollars (2013) front
10 dollars (2013) back

Enlarge: Front10 dollars (2013) front
 & Back10 dollars (2013) back

Front: Beli, freshwater goby

Back: Joske's Thumb; Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva circa 1914;

Courtesy ybnotes




Enlarge: BeliBeli


Grand Pacific Hotel

Grand Pacific Hotel

Enlarge: HotelGrand Pacific Hotel


20 Dollars, (2013)

20 dollars (2013) front
20 dollars (2013) back

Enlarge: Front20 dollars (2013) front
 & Back20 dollars (2013) back

Front: Kacauni Gau bird

Back: Logging; mining; Mount Uluinabukelevu

Courtesy ybnotes


Kacau Ni Gau

Kacau Ni Gau

Enlarge: Kacau Ni GauKacau Ni Gau


50 Dollars, (2013)

50 dollars (2013) front
50 dollars (2013) back

Enlarge: Front50 dollars (2013) front
 & Back50 dollars (2013) back

Front: Wasekaseka necklace; Tagimoucia flower

Back: Ceremonial presentation of tabua and yagona

Courtesy bank note museum




Enlarge: TagimouciaTagimoucia


100 Dollars, (2013)

100 dollars (2013) front
100 dollars (2013) back

Enlarge: Front100 dollars (2013) front
 & Back100 dollars (2013) back

Front: "Buli Kula" chain; Nanai (Fiji Cicada), an insect that appears once every 8 years

Back: Tourism; map of Fiji

Courtesy bank note museum


Fiji Cicada

Fiji Cicada

Enlarge: CicadaFiji Cicada


7 Dollars, (2017)
Commemorates Fiji Rugby Sevens gold medal win at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

7 Dollars, (2017) front
7 Dollars, (2017) back

Enlarge: Front7 Dollars, (2017) front
 & Back7 Dollars, (2017) back

Front: Olympic coach Ben Ryan sitting on Sigatoka Sand Dunes; Olympic captain Osea Kolinisau running with ball

Back: Fiji Rugby Sevens Gold Olympians with Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama and team officials

Courtesy shashipatelfiji


Fiji Rugby Sevens Gold Olympians

Ruby 7s

Enlarge: Fiji Rugby SevensRuby 7s

1942-2007 | 2013-2017

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Fiji Islands, consists of 320 islands located in the Southwestern Pacific 1,100 miles north of New Zealand, were ceded to the Great Britain in 1874. Became an independent member of the British Commonwealth in 1970. For a more detailed country profile, see CIA World Factbook on Fiji.




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