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African Banknotes - Murtaza Karimjee's blog features banknotes from Africa.

Ala Carte Paper Collectibles - Beate Rauch's site of world paper money.

Alex Perakis Coins & Currency - U. S. and World banknotes.

Andrew McKaig Numismatics - Canadian and foreign banknotes.

Anthony's Currency, Coins & Collectibles - Anthony O'Neils' site features U. S. and foreign paper money and coins.

Antique Banknotes - Rare US Currency - Greg Davis' site documents historical US currency with hundreds of pictures, descriptions and values of old American currency.

Antique Money Buyers - Manning Garrett's site deals with United States currency.

ATSnotes - Anna & Tom Sluszkiewicz's extensive price list of world paper money including many scarce and hard-to-get notes.

Babylon Banknotes - Alaa Al-din Hamoudi's site features Middle East and world banknotes.

Baker Notes - Robert Baker's site features U. S. and World paper money. - Audrius Tomonis' price list and gallery of world paper money. - Jane White's price list of world banknotes.

Banknotes for Sale/Trade - Owen W. Linzmayer's world banknote price list.

Banknotes of the Middle East - Armen Hovsepian's extensive price list for the banknotes of the Middle East and North Africa. - David F. Cieniewicz's price list of world banknotes.

Barry Boswell World Banknotes - World banknote price lists.

Bob Reis' Anything Anywhere - World banknotes, etc. Numismatic - Compagnie Generale de Bourse, France's largest numismatic dealer, offering an extensive selection of rare world banknotes.

Coins & Banknotes - Norwegian and world banknotes.

Coincraft - sell coins, banknotes, medallions, ancient coins and antiquities.

Confederate Currency and Confederate Bonds - Pierre Fricke's site features Confederate paper money.

Colin Narbeth & Son Ltd. - Price lists of United Kingdom and world banknotes. - World paper money.

Columbia Notes - Ron Richardson's site specializing in paper money from Latin America and Asia.

Constellation Numismatic - U. S. error notes.

Crutchfield's Currency - Crutch William's site features Confederate States, Republic of Texas and obsolete banknotes.

CSA Notes - Ed Mason's site features Paper money from the Confederate States of America.

David Lawrence - U. S. currency and coins. - Don C. Kelly's site features nationals, large size, small size, gold certificates, obsoletes and fractionals as well as world paper money.

Educational Coin Company - Wholesale price list of coins and banknotes. - James Pickering's site features recent banknotes at good prices.

First City Currency & Collectibles, Inc. - Specializes in all aspects of small size U.S. currency. - 19th century currency from Florida.

Gary Snover - Currency of the world price list.

George H. LaBarre Galleries - George LaBarre's web site offering over 7,500 stocks and bonds, paper money, and other Americana for sale

German Paper Money for Sale - Ron Guth's price list of German paper money.

GOLTBEECK Ancient Coins & Paper Money - J. M. Goudbeek's site features ancient coins and world banknotes.

Heritage Auction Galleries - The largest collectibles auctioneer and third largest auction house in the world. Established in 1976, it offers a wide range of US & World Coins and Rare Currency.

Ian Gradon - World Paper Money - Gallery and price list of world banknotes.

Insight3 - Professional Numismatic Services - Jeff Paunicka's site specializes in mostly U. S. banknotes including small size, large size, fractional, colonial, confederate and obsoletes

Juri Rudich - Gallery and price list of banknotes from Russia and former Soviet republics.

Kate's Paper Money - Kate Gibson's paper money from around the world.

Kelly's Computer Shop & Coins - Large inventory of world paper money.

Mac's Old Paper Money - Colonial and Continental currency.

Michael Morris World Paper Money - Michael Morris' retail price list of world banknotes featuring many new issues, updated monthly.

Mike Tiitus - World paper money price list.

Morris Lawing Wholesale World Banknotes - Morris Lawing's wholesale price list of world banknotes featuring many new issues.

Nizzar Banknotes - Nizzar Surani's site specializes in African and British Commonwealth and rare world banknotes.

Notability Banknotes - Chris Papé's site specializes in British Isles, British Commonwealth, and some unusual banknotes from around the world.

Nicky Nice - Nick Coriano's site features wholesale Banknotes, World Paper Money, Federal Reserve Banknotes, Silver, and other collectibles

Notes of the World - Alan Austin's site features banknotes from Australia and Asia.

Nova Online, Inc. - World wide paper money, U. S. paper money, world and U. S. coins.

Numisa - Denis Bouglouan's site in French, offers an extensive list of world paper money.

Old Notes - Michael Webber, Enthusiast and Collector of German Banknotes, Russian Banknotes, Coins & Miscellanea - David Leong's online store for Collectable World Paper Money, Stocks and Bonds.

Page's Coins and - Supplies collectible world banknotes and world paper money since 1997.

Papermoney & Coins - Dieter Eheim's extensive wholesale price list of world paper money.

Philip Driver Currency - Specializes in U.S. Paper Money including Small Size Notes, Legal Tenders, Silver Certificates, Gold Certificates and Federal Reserve Notes.

SAFE Collecting Supplies - provides currency and paper money collectors a wide variety of banknote albums, currency sleeves, currency albums, stock pages, leather binders, ultraviolet lamps and counterfeit detectors and accessories to protect, analyze and admire your currency.

Sellitstore - U. S. obsolete banknotes.

Sergio Sanchez, Jr. Rare Coins and Currency - Features U.S. large and small size paper money.

The Banknote Occasional - Barry Boswell's price list for mainly groups or sets of world banknotes.

The - Barry Boswell's price list of British and world paper money.

The Coin Supply Store - Paul Rasmussen's site offers currency albums, pages, sleeves and cases as well as currency guide books.

The Currency House - specializes in U. S. high denomination notes and Gold Certificates.

The Monetary Unit - Your gateway to worldwide coins, currency and stamps.

Tim Kyzivat Currency - U. S. Banknotes including large size, small size, nationals, obsoletes, fractionals and CSA.

Tony Pisciotta: Banknotes of the World - World banknote price list.

Trevor Wilkin - Polymer plastic banknotes.

UniSquare Coins and Paper Money Marketplace - A new online marketplace for coins and paper money

USA Rare - U. S. banknotes.

US Rare - Rare U. S. banknotes: large size, small size, national currency and error notes.

Vern Potter Currency & Collectibles - U. S. Large and Small Type Notes, Obsoletes, Confederate and other collectibles.

World Bank Notes - Khely Furman's price list of world banknotes.

World Banknotes Shop - Costin Lorgu's site offers over 2000 banknotes weekly from 200 countries, updated weekly.

World Paper Money - Jeremy Steinberg's site features some of the world's rarest banknotes.

World Wide Coins - World banknotes and coins.

ZimbabweDollars.Net - Here you'll find a wide variety of the now defunct Zimbabwe currency, available as a collectable or novelty item.

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