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1 Somoni, 1999

1 Somoni, 1999 front
1 Somoni, 1999 back

Enlarge: Front1 Somoni, 1999 front
 & Back1 Somoni, 1999 back

Front: Mirzo Tursunzoda (1911-1977), poet

Tursunzoda collected Tajik oral literature, wrote poetry of his own about social change in Tajikistan, and turned out various works on popular political themes of the moment. He won the Lenin Prize in 1960 for his poem Sadoi Osiyo.

Back: National Bank of Tajikistan building


National Bank of Tajikistan

National Bank of Tajikistan

Enlarge: BankNational Bank of Tajikistan


10 Somoni, 1999

10 Somoni, 1999 front
10 Somoni, 1999 back

Enlarge: Front10 Somoni, 1999 front
 & Back10 Somoni, 1999 back

Front: Mir Saiyid Ali Hamadani (1281-1384), author and poet

Hamadani, also known as Shah-i-Hamadan, was born at an Iranian town of Hamadan. He was the author of several books and was also a poet.

Back: Historical medieval monument


3 Somoni, 2010

3 Somoni, 2010 front
3 Somoni, 2010 back

Enlarge: Front3 Somoni, 2010 front
 & Back3 Somoni, 2010 back

Front: Shirinsho Shotemur, (1899-1937), prominent Tajik politician

Back: Majlisi Olii (Tajik Parliament building), Dushanbe

Courtesy tony grants2


200 Somoni, 2010

200 Somoni, 2010 front
200 Somoni, 2010 back

Enlarge: Front200 Somoni, 2010 front
 & Back200 Somoni, 2010 back

Front: Nusratullo Makhsum, (1881-1937), Tajikstani Soviet politician

Back: National Library, Dushanbe

Courtesy christianocoins-nip


500 Somoni, 2010 Hybrid Polymer

500 Somoni, 2010 Hybrid Polymer front
10 Somoni, 2010 Hybrid Polymer back

Enlarge: Front10 Somoni, 2010 Hybrid Polymer front
 & Back10 Somoni, 2010 Hybrid Polymer back

Front: Abu Abdullah Rudaki (858-941), founder of Tajik classic literature

Back: Palace of Nations in Dushanbe

Courtesy of Stane Straus


Palace of Nations

Palace of Nations

Enlarge: PalacePalace of Nations


5 Somoni, 1999 (2010)

5 Somoni, 1999 (2010) front
5 Somoni, 1999 (2010) back

Enlarge: Front5 Somoni, 1999 (2010) front
 & Back5 Somoni, 1999 (2010) back

Front: Sadriddin Ayni (1878-1954), Tajikistan's national poet and one of the most important writers in the country's history

Back: Abuabdullo Rudaki shrine

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10 Somoni, 2017

10 Somoni, 2017 front
10 Somoni, 2017 back

Enlarge: Front10 Somoni, 2017 front
 & Back10 Somoni, 2017 back

Front: Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani (1314-1384), poet and a prominent Shafi'i Muslim scholar

Back: Mausoleum of Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadoni in Kulob

courtesy kenvvood


20 Somoni, 2017

20 Somoni, 2017 front
20 Somoni, 2017 back

Enlarge: Front20 Somoni, 2017 front
 & Back20 Somoni, 2017 back

Front: Abuali ibn Sino (980-1037), Persian polymath who is regarded as one of the most significant physicians, astronomers, thinkers and writers of the Islamic Golden Age

Back: Hissor fortress

courtesy kenvvood


50 Somoni, 2017

50 Somoni, 2017 front
50 Somoni, 2017 back

Enlarge: Front50 Somoni, 2017 front
 & Back50 Somoni, 2017 back

Front: Bobojon Gafurov (1908-1977), Tajik historian, academician, and the author of several books published in Russian and Tajik, including History of Tajikistan and The Tajiks

Back: Choikhanai Sibne tea house, Dushanbe

courtesy kenvvood


100 Somoni, 2017

100 Somoni, 2017 front
100 Somoni, 2017 back

Enlarge: Front100 Somoni, 2017 front
 & Back100 Somoni, 2017 back

Front: Isma'il ibn Ahmad (849 AD-907 AD), Samanid emir of Transoxiana and Khorasan

Back: Presidential palace, Dushanbe

courtesy banknotenews

1994 | 1999-2017

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Tajikistan, bordered by Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, and Afghanistan, was Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic of the U.S.S.R. Became independent in 1990. For a more detailed country profile, see CIA World Factbook on Tajikistan.




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