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10 Gourdes, 2004
Commemorates Bicentennial of Independence

10 gourdes 2004 front
10 gourdes 2004 back

Enlarge: Front10 gourdes 2004 front
 & Back10 gourdes 2004 back

Front: Sanite Belair (1781-1802), heroine

She was a lieutenant and her husband Charles Belair a general in the revolutionary army of Francois Touissant. They were both captured by rival forces and executed.

Back: Fort Cap-Rouge at Jacmel

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Fort Cap-Rouge

Fort Cap-Rouge

Enlarge: Fort Cap-RougeFort Cap-Rouge


25 Gourdes, 2004
Commemorates Bicentennial of Independence

25 gourdes 2004 front
25 gourdes 2004 back

Enlarge: Front25 gourdes 2004 front
 & Back25 gourdes 2004 back

Front: Fabre Nicolas Geffrard (1806-1878), President of Haiti 1859-1867

Back: Fortress of the Platons in Dussis


Fortress of the Platons

Fortress of the Platons

Enlarge: FortressFortress of the Platons


50 Gourdes, 2004
Commemorates Bicentennial of Independence

50 gourdes 2004 front
50 gourdes 2004 back

Enlarge: Front50 gourdes 2004 front
 & Back50 gourdes 2004 back

Front: François Capois (1766-1806), Haitian general

François Capois, also known as Capois La Mort (Capois the Death), was a military leader during the Haiti slave rebellion for independence against the French rule. He is mostly known for his extraordinary courage, especially his herculean bravery at the Battle of Vertières in 1803.

Back: Fort de la Jalousière à Marmelade


100 Gourdes, 2004
Commemorates Bicentennial of Independence

100 gourdes 2004 front
100 gourdes 2004 back

Enlarge: Front100 gourdes 2004 front
 & Back100 gourdes 2004 back

Front: Henri Christophe (1767-1820), President of Haiti 1807-1820

Back: Citadelle Laferriere or Citadelle Henry Christophe in Milot (Cap Haitien)


Citadelle Laferriere

Citadelle Laferriere

Enlarge: CitadelCitadelle Laferriere


250 Gourdes, 2004
Commemorates Bicentennial of Independence

250 gourdes 2004 front
250 gourdes 2004 back

Enlarge: Front250 gourdes 2004 front
 & Back250 gourdes 2004 back

Front: Jean-Jacques Dessalines (1758-1806), Emperor of Haiti 1804-1806 under the name of Jacques I

Back: Fort Decide at Marchand


Fort Decide

Fort Decide

Enlarge: FortFort Decide


500 Gourdes, 2004
Commemorates Bicentennial of Independence

500 Gourdes, 2004 front
500 Gourdes, 2004 back

Enlarge: Front500 Gourdes, 2004 front
 & Back500 Gourdes, 2004 back

Front: Alexandre Sabès Pétion (1770-1818), First President of Haiti 1807-1818

Back: Fort Jacques

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1000 Gourdes, 2004
Commemorates Bicentennial of Independence

1000 Gourdes, 2004 front
1000 Gourdes, 2004 back

Enlarge: Front1000 Gourdes, 2004 front
 & Back1000 Gourdes, 2004 back

Front: Florvil Hyppolite (1828-1896), President of Haiti 1889-1896

Back: Marché Vallière

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Haiti, occupies the western one-thirds of the island of Hispanola in the Caribbean Sea between Puerto Rico and Cuba, was discovered by Columbus in 1492, and ceded to France in 1697. Slave revolt established the Republic of Haiti in 1804. For a more detailed country profile, see CIA World Factbook on Haiti.




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